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Let me start by saying that my digital journey started as a Beauty and Lifestyle Youtuber. Yes. That was what I thought would work on the platform. But in a couple of years, I realised that I wasn’t as passionate about Makeup as I thought I was. I couldn’t imagine doing videos on makeup looks every single week. It scared me! 

What scared me more was shifting my focus!

I had already brought an audience of ~65,000, whom I was too scared to disappoint, as I shifted my real journey to my digital life.

And my REAL JOURNEY was of practising a Low Waste Lifestyle. I started this journey in the middle of 2018 when I discovered the Menstrual Cup. But I wasn’t too aware of all aspects of this lifestyle. I still haven’t fully converted yet. But I learn new things every single day and I try to incorporate that into my daily life, wherever possible.

~Let me be clear again~

You needn’t start this journey hoping or thinking to shift your lifestyle completely, overnight. It could take you months or years to be able to lead a healthy low-waste lifestyle. But don’t be discouraged if you are not able to do it all. Because even the little bits that you do would make a positive impact on our environment.

So START THE JOURNEY with what is POSSIBLE for you!

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