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Menstrual Cup: What You're Doing Right Or Wrong!

Are you new to using a Menstrual Cup? Or maybe still considering using it? Or maybe ever so excited to use it during your next period cycle?

Then knowing the do's and don'ts of it would definitely help you out and prevent you from making any mistakes.

Let's start with the Do's!

1) Do practice folding the cup. If you don't know the different folding techniques, you can check here. Folding the cup may seem a bit complicated at first since the silicone of the cup can keep springing back to its original shape if you don't hold it firmly. So keep practising till it comes easily to you.

2) Do Squat when trying for the first time. When you haven't ever used it, sitting in a squatting position will make it easier to insert as the pelvic muscles would be more relaxed. After getting used to it, you can definitely insert and remove by just sitting on your toilet seat. But squatting can be the position to try initially.

3) Do push while removing. Use your pelvic muscles to push down as if you're pushing a baby out in order to push the cup down a little for you to grab the stem of the cup which will help in removing.

4) Do lubricate the rim of the cup. If you try inserting the cup while it's dry, it can cause irritation or tug at your inner linings. So always use water or water-based lubricants to help insert it better.

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5) Do push it the right way. One has to push the cup inside the vagina in a slanted way which is towards your tail bone as this is the angle of your vagina, and not straight upwards.

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6) Do Let the Cup Breathe. Once you're done with your periods, you'll need to boil the cup in water for 5 minutes to sterilize it. And then keep it in a cup bag which is breathable and doesn't let the moisture get trapped.

7) Do Relax! If it comforts you to play some relaxing music or taking a hot bath or anything that relaxes you.. do it. Because this is very important and can change the game for you!

Those were all the Do's, So let's continue to the Don'ts.

1) Don't panic. When you're trying to remove the cup for the first time, you may panic thinking that it isn't coming out. Nut tensing will just make your vaginal muscles push the cup a bit higher.. so just relax and push it down and remove it the way I mentioned in the previous point.

2) Do not use a menstrual cup if you have any kind of infections around your vagina. Be it yeast infection, bacterial infection or even severe rashes. This prevents the cup from getting infected by these pathogens.

3) Don't pull on the stem to remove. If you believe that just by pulling on the stem, you'll be able to remove it easily, you're very wrong. The suction that the cup forms will prevent it from coming down with just pulling. You'll need to pull gently, find the base of the cup, punch the cup to break the suction and gently wiggle it out. For more details on the whole process, watch the video I'll have up here.

4) Don't push it too far up. The menstrual cup is supposed to sit lower than a tampon. So the stem should be closely above your vaginal opening.

5) Don't Give up! It will definitely take several tries before you get comfortable with using a cup. But have faith in the product! Once you've gone past the struggle, it will be very smooth usage and there will be no looking back.

Those were some basic thoughts you may need to keep in mind when you're considering switching to a menstrual cup! Hopefully, you'll keep it all in mind and start using the cup, the right way!

So if you have absolutely no clue what a Menstrual Cup is, and how to Use them, you can check those posts here!

I'll see you around ladies! Ciao!



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