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A set of zero waste alternatives bought by Nayana Premnath
this is Nayana Premnath
Its a Organic Composter from The Daily Dump

This Fight is For Us. The Earth Will Survive.


Sustainability Advocate. Educator . Consultant . Eco-YouTuber . Secondhand Expert .

I have gone from being a practising Architect, to a YouTuber, to a Digital Content Creator and finally to a Low-Waste Practitioner.
My YouTube journey has taken several turns. It started with Music Covers, then turned into Beauty-Fashion-Lifestyle and finally landed in Sustainability. I started on this Low-Waste Journey over 3 years ago but was too worried to do a 360° turn in my YouTube content, at that time. Who was going to watch it?

But sticking to pursue the topic that interested me the most (pssst.. Sustainability!) and made me feel dedicated, was probably the best decision in a long time!

Today, I try to help YOU create a more Mindful And Intentional Lifestyle whether you live at par with Nature!  
One where you are considerate to both yourselves and the environment.

So let’s start because we have a long way to go! 

Nayana Premnath




and we sell upcycled products

An upcycled scrunchie from The Green Circle

The Green Circle

Transforming Waste into Beauty

Products in our store:

(All products are upcycled)

Scrunchies ▪️ Coasters ▪️ Dog Collars ▪️ Barrette Clips

Nayana Premnath holding a menstrual cup

Discover the most Sustainable Menstrual Product you can find today!

Are you new to using sustainable menstrual products? What about a Menstrual Cup? If not, read more on this product that can change your perception about menstruation!

Start with your Mindful Journey immediately by joining others who have become a part of this Community and successfully taken on Eco-Friendly Practices!


Latest Video

There were several doubts I had when I started using a Menstrual cup 5 years ago. If I knew most of the details I share in today's video, the transition would have been much simpler. Make sure to watch the whole video if you want to make your Menstrual Cup journey easier. 

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