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Eco-Friendly Holi Powder - Homemade!

Before we dive into how we can make ourselves some Eco-Friendly Holi Powder, let's find out what Holi is??!

Holi is one of the most fun-going and carefree Festivals in India. Lots and lots of colours are its primary attraction. Throwing colours at each other, splashing colour water and turning everyone colourful from head to toe is the objective of all the fun.

This fun festival started as a way of announcing the arrival of the Spring and also signifies the victory of Good over Evil.

If you're in any part of India on this day or the days leading to this one, prepare yourself to see people all over the country drenched in colour. Also, be prepared to have total strangers come and dab a bit of colour on your face. 😉 It's part of all the fun. In case you pass by a stall with cool drinks laid out, make sure to taste the Bhaang/Thandaai (decarboxylated marijuana leaves) too, which is drunk for feelings of euphoria, during this festival.

Holi Powder

But coming to the Holi Powder that is used on this day, the ones we get commonly in the market for low prices, are filled with a LOT of chemicals which can be super harmful to our skin. Though we have started realising the danger of using these powders, there is still a lesser number of eco-friendly powders we get, when compared to the common ones. So today, we are going to make safer and more eco-friendly Holi Powders at home!

It can be easily made at home with products you might already have in your kitchen. The only downside to this is that you may need to make it at least a day before you need it, as it needs a day to get dried up completely.

Also, if you would rather watch a Quick Video on How To Make The DIY Holi Powder, you can watch it right HERE:

If you like reading while learning, then go ahead and learn how to make your own eco-friendly Holi Powder at home!

Firstly these Homemade Powders are : ✅ ORGANIC ✅ ECO-FRIENDLY ✅ COST-EFFECTIVE


  • Corn Flour - 2 Cups

  • Organic Food Colouring - 1 of each colour you need (Or use natural colouring agents like beetroot, onion peel etc.)

  • Water - 1/2 to 3/4 cup

  • Mixing Bowl

  • Smaller bowls as per the number of colours you make

  • 1 Spatula / Strong Spoon


  1. Put the cornflour into the mixing bowl.

  2. Pour the water in small quantities while mixing also. Don't make it too watery, and in case you do, make sure to add more cornflour and mix. The consistency we are looking at is of a thick but oozy paste which isn't too watery.

  3. Pour this mixture into the smaller bowls for each colour you are making.

  4. Now put the food colouring into each bowl and stir well. You might find a bit of resistance when you stir but that will mean that you got the mixture correctly.

  5. Make sure to add the colouring until the colour is quite dark as the colour tends to become lighter when it dries up. So don't worry if it becomes too dark and if it's still very light, make sure to add more colouring till it turns dark.

  6. Now keep these bowls in a cool and dry place with a cover over it.

  7. It can take from 1 to 2 days for it to dry completely. (It only took a day for me I kept it overnight under the fan.

  8. You will realise that it has dried up completely when you see cracks in the mixture.

9. Use a spoon to break the mixture into smaller clumps. 10. Put it into a blender and mix the clumps until all of it gets completely powdery. (In case you don't have a blender, you can still powder it using a spoon itself, but it would take you longer.) 11. You can now store these powders in Silicon bags or air-tight reusable containers until the day of Holi. 12. If you need these powders in larger quantities, just increase the ingredients in the same ratio.

Now I'm sure you've realised how simple and easy it is to make these homemade Eco-Friendly Holi Powder. Make sure to use organic ingredients so that it doesn't cause any harm to your skin in any way. All these ingredients would cost you less than ₹ 100, meaning it is super Cost-Effective too.

Make sure to try making this and using it for your Holi Festivities!!!

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